Two Lives / Zwei Leben (Feature Film)

Writer and Director. Starring Juliane Köhler, Liv Ullmann, Ken Duken, Sven Nordin, Julia Bache-Wiig

DOP: Judith Kaufmann. German-Norwegian Co-Production, 100 min, 2012.

TWO LIVES tells the story of Katrine who is living a happy life with her family in Norway and who suddenly is forced to get back into her former life of an east german spy in order to prevent that her secret is revealed. In a combination of thriller and family drama the film tells a story that is based on true events.

NewFoundLand / NeuFundLand (Feature Film)

Writer and Director. Starring Jochen Nickel, Anna Loos, Axel Prahl, Juliane Köhler

DOP: Sophie Maintigneux. Produced by Zinnober Film, 90 min, 2003.

Some time after the death of his wife, the West German widower Robert travels to the states of the former GDR to install coin-in-the-slot telescopes and to flee the past. In Saxony he gets to know Christiane, who looks surprisingly similar to his deceased wife. Robert is strongly attracted to her, but experiences that he will never be able to get involved with the new without letting go of the old.


Breathlessnee / Atemnot (Feature Film)

Regie • Buch zusammen mit Thomas von Bennigsen • Spielfilm mit  Matthias Haase, Christiana Krüger und Adolf Laimböck

Der Zimmermann Gerd erkrankt an allergischem Asthma. Als er erfährt, dass seine Atemnot durch winzig kleine Spinnentiere im Hausstaub ausgelöst wird, beginnt er, sein idyllisches Landhaus zu einer gigantischen  Überlebensmaschine umzubauen…
Redaktion: Eckart Stein und Anne Even / ZDF Das kleine Fernsehspiel

The Buddha Walla (Documentary)

Written and directed by Georg Maas and Dieter Zeppenfeld

DOP:  Georg Maas. Produced by Zinnober Film, 90 min, 2010.

A vivid portrait of buddhist meditation teacher Christopher Titmuss. Being from english origin, he lived as a monk in Thailand for many years and leads meditation retreats all over the world. His attitude of buddhism is clear, political, full of humour –  and definitely includes social engagement. The film follows him to Israel, Thailand, India, Australia, the US and Germany.

The Real World of Peter Gabriel (Documentary)

Written and directed by Georg Maas and Dieter Zeppenfeld

DOP: Markus Belde. Produced by Zinnober Film, 52 min, 2009.

In the beginning of the 80s, rock star Peter Gabriel composed his first political song „Biko“. The film tells the story of the journey Peter Gabriel took from this starting point to his large political and social engagement. Gabriel’s work combines philosphy, technology and art. He tries to dissolve the line between „us and them“ and to develop a positive vision of „globalisation“.

Pathfinders / PfadFinder (Documentary)

Written and directed by Georg Maas.

DOP: Matl Findel and Georg Maas. Produced by Zinnober Film, 100 min, 1998.

What starts off as a trip by two globetrotters in South Africa soon turns into a story of love, death and incredible events.”Pathfinders” is a documentary road movie, a vivid journey through distant and inner landscapes: the confrontation of two people, who made their plans during the 70s, with fate. The film was shot in South Africa, Bali, Australia and Germany.

Escaped / Abgehauen (Documentary)

Written and directed by Georg Maas. Produced by Zinnober Film, 30 min, 1998.

A documentary about 14 year-old kids who ran away from their parents and who live homeless on the streets of Cologne, Germany. They let us know why they left their families and what their persepctives are for the future to come.

The Other Universe Of Klaus Beyer / Das andere Universum des Klaus Beyer (Documentary)

Written and directed by Georg Maas and Frank Behnke. Produced by Georg Maas, 30 min, 1994.

The first film about the Berlin based underground artist Klaus Beyer. He has been working in a factory since 25 years and throughout time he has been making the most stunning Super 8 Films you can think of. Klaus is making his films all on his own: acting, shooting, editing. He wants to make one film about each song of the Beatles and he performs and sings their songs himself. Art brut at its best.

Torture and its Consequences / Über den Abgrund zwischen den Schritten (Documentary)

Writer, Director and Producer, 30 min, 1993.

A film about Torture And It´s Consequences. Three men who survived severe torture in their home countries describe the incredible hell they have gone through. The film then puts his focus on the difficult situation these people face once they manage to escape to Germany. They do not know if they will get asylum or if they will be sent back “home”.

What can I do? (Music video)

Writer and Director. Produced by Stephan Guntli, 3 min, 1993

Music – video for the East Berlin rock band “Die Skeptiker”. The video is based on the editing techniques of „10 ¾ Inch“, but the monophone structure has been opened up towards a polyphone universe of multiple visual layers.

10 ¾ Inch / 10 ¾ Zoll (video-installation)

Writer, Director, DOP, Editor. Produced by DFFB and Delcom, 4 min, 1986.

Video-installation on a video wall of 96 monitors, based on the rhythm of the video “10 ¾ Inch”, shown on the Photokina 1986 in cologne, and, on a smaller wall of monitors in Munich in the same year.

Lead A Normal Life / Ein normales Leben (Short film)

Writer, Director. Produced by DFFB, 14 min, 1987.

Short film about a man (Frank Behnke) who can´t find the way out of his home in the morning. He wants to go to work, but all the doors he opens to get out lead him back inside. He has to come up with a stunning idea to finally leave home, but then things get even worse…

The film is inspired by the song “Lead A Normal Life” by Peter Gabriel.

10 ¾ Inch / 10 ¾ Zoll (Short film)

Writer, Director, DOP, Editor. Produced by DFFB, 4 min, 1986.

An experimental video based on pictures and sounds of construction work. Documentary video material (all shot in close up´s) has been organized rhytmically by computers based on a composition made by a musician. Art Brut video music of a day at work. A classic of german video art of the 80s.

Here Comes The Sun / Die Sonne kommt (Short film)

Writer, Director, DOP, SFX, Editor. Produced by DFFB, 20 min, 1988.

“Here Comes The Sun” is an experimentalfilm about a lonely worker on his way home after work. The film has no dialogue and only shows scenes from daily life, creating a claustrophobic atmosphere with the use of optical effects from the times of silent movies. The film introduces Berlin based underground artist Klaus Beyer in his first leading part in a film that has not been directed by himself.