The carpenter Gerd just moved from the city to the countryside. His girlfriend Anna is helping him renovate his old house. Suddenly Gerd gets a dangerous coughing-fit and almost chokes to death. He is ill, he suffers from allergic asthma. His breathing difficulty is caused by mites, tiny spidery insects that live in household dust.

Gerd begins a resolute fight against the invisible enemies. He starts tiling a room in his house to deprive the insects of their living environment.

He feels better for a while, but with  spring coming, and along with pollen, he suffers new asthma attacks that lead to a car accident. Gerd wakes up in a hospital and notices that no windows can be opened there.

In the dark corridors of the clinic he meets Max, who has constructed the air conditioning, the most modern air refining installation in Europe. Max makes clear to Gerd that this installation filters all allergens out of the air, and that he can breathe freely inside the clinic. No pollen, no dust. They become friends.

After Gerd’ s discharge, they decide to buid such an airconditioning in Gerd’s country house. They steal the material they need from the clinic, which leads of course so some new problems…

The unconventional formal structure of the film emphasizes several aspects of the topics of breathing difficulties and allergies:

–      a fast and sometimes musical editing rhythm alternates with very long shots (time/no time – stress/leisure).

–      the camera jumps from wide landscape shots to endoscopic shots inside the human body (outside/inside),

–      a specific sound design narrows and expands the acoustic space.