You cannot escape the past. But how can you open up to the new, without letting go of the old?

After his wife suddenly dies, the mechanic Robert tries to start a new life. He invests all of his savings in coin-operated telescopes that he plans to set up all over the east of Germany. Robert knows: there is always more than meets the eye.

Once in the east, he meets Christiane, who shares an amazing resemblance with his deceased wife. He feels drawn to her, but is irritated by the fact that she is indeed a different person, and thus keeps his feelings to himself.

Christiane too is a wandering spirit, traveling all around repairing photo booths. She has a secret plan, namely to get back something that was stolen frorn her after the wall came down, and she thinks that Robert can help her.

A close relationship develops between them, but due to their different backgrounds and experiences, they keep running into misunderstandings. Then, in one of the most inopportune and dangerous moments, Christiane discovers Robert’s secret. Now, everything is on the line for the both of them.