The film puts its focus on three men who survived torture in their home countries. One of them is from Aethiopia, the other two come from Turkey.

They went through an incredible hell.Their memories have been destroyed through torture and they are living now in a situation of post-traumatic stress. They often cannot speak about their past – and this creates additional problems with german bureaucracy. If they can’t accurately describe what happened to them, how to they expect to get asylum?

But, as psychologists of the Center for Treatment of Torture Victims in Berlin point out: destroying the memory was one the goals of the torturers. Have they finaly won?

The psychologists describe the possibilities and the limits of their work with torture victims.

It is clear that if one of thoses torture survivors would have to go back, he will risk to be tortured there again. This situation of insecurity feels, as one of them points out, just like another form of torture.

The film is a collage of statements of torture survivors, psychologists and asylum experts of the German state. The film   has no commentary.